Enough is Enough!

July 19, 2013 Louisa Kiely

OK,  so there is a lot going on in the ‘carbon space’  at the moment.    Are we getting an ETS,  a Direct Action,  or something in between?     As you know, we have been asking for a proper market, outside…

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Rise and rise of the carbon farm plan.

June 17, 2013 Louisa Kiely

We have been talking about   the ‘carbon farm plan’  for some time now.   It first came to our attention  in a  Scientific American magazine in 2006   –  yes, it takes a long time for  innovation to become  fodder for every…

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I’m a PC and the carbon tax was my idea

May 2, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Wow,   what a great  header!    Wish it was mine! But no,  its another GREAT example of the Voluntary Market in action. I’ve been musing about the Voluntary market, and how in my opinion we’ll need a robust Voluntary market NOT…

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Voluntary Carbon Market Lesson – 2

April 26, 2013 Louisa Kiely

So,  I promised that I’d  be letting you know more about the ‘Voluntary Market’ and even those  ‘CDM type’  credits the Opposition is talking about. The best known company Internationally who approves ‘methodologies’  is the Verified Carbon Standard or VCS. …

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Opposition Climate Policy gets some flesh

April 24, 2013 Louisa Kiely

This is an amazing time –    I don’t think I’ve lived through a  pre-election period like it.   The Government is attempting to get through as many things as possible, as even they seem to have accepted the inevitability  of the…

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