DATE: 7 - 10 July 2015


"A most informative day. The best explanation on carbon credits I have heard"

Advanced Industry Workshop

Carbon Farming ADVANCED INDUSTRY Workshop 

Over the 2 days of our Carbon Farming Conference and Expo,  many  issues and potentials will be discussed.  You will hear about how the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) has worked so far. Who won a contract – What prices were realized etc.  NOW, lets make Direct Action work for you and/or your organisation. 

This workshop is designed for those who wish to take the discussion from the   'theory' of the ERF to lets take part in a project to potentially bid into the next round of the ERF.

Its is suitable for those who: 
  • Understand the basics of the ERF - the language, the way it may work
  • Have an understanding of what role the methodology plays and how this can move to a project.
  • Wish to ensure that Farmers stay in the 'carbon market'  winners list. 
  • Wish to proceed to a project level understanding - even if just in theory.
  • Wish to be able to decipher a good offer from a poor one or how to ‘go it alone’ in a project 

In a half day 'workshop' we will take the issues from the conference and work through to some solutions to empower you in the following: 
  • What structures might be good for your project? 
  • Discuss  barriers and potentials. 
  • Discuss methodology- what is available, is a suitable one coming, how do we put others on the agenda?
  • Do I have to speak 'meth' to understand how to do it 
  • How do we make methods more accessible?
  • Costs -  How do we drive them down?
  • Compliance - Verify , monitor, Submit offset and audit reports -  Making it reasonable
  • Is a 25 year credit feasible? 
  • Legal outline 
  • Can I even do it on my own? 
  • Time between begin project and payment
  • Some structures being offered by project developers - Buy the land, lease the land etc
  • Marketing - Can I sell wholesale direct to emitters or to consumers?   Can we go outside  'Direct Action' to get a good price?

Carbon Farmers of Australia has 30 years marketing experience, and has many suggestions for your 'gourmet carbon'.

NOTE: Participants in the advanced workshop will be aware that Australian Carbon Credit Units or ACCU's are deemed a financial instrument. Therefore, in order to be able to give any advice, trainers and others will need to hold an Australian Financial Services Licence. 
Carbon Farmers of Australia P/L is authorised under an  Australian Financial Services Licence (no.430 135)  to ‚Ä®give advice to whole sale clients in regards to Australian Carbon Credit Units, as well as Eligible International Emissions Units.

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