DATE: 7 - 10 July 2015


"Given me a much better understanding of the whole carbon marketing system"

Carbon Farming Conference

Together we will explore

New Methods:

What new methods can a Farmer take part in?
  • New Method for storing Carbon in trees.
  • New Method for Soil Carbon coming.
  • New Method for Feeding Supplements to beef cattle in place of urea.
  • New Method for early finishing of beef.
  • New Method for Biochar.
  • New Methods for on-farm energy savings. Fuel efficiencies in Mobile machinery and stationery pumps now available for potential carbon credits.
  • What is a ‘whole of farm Carbon audit’ and how can it help me?
  • New, Carbon smart Fertilisers showcase- how to increase your Soil Carbon


  • What is the ‘Direct Action’ Policy?
  • What is the ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’?
  • What is happening over the world in this policy space?

Emissions Reduction Fund:

  • How is it different to the Carbon Farming
  • What’s in it for Farmers? Landholders? NRM Groups?
  • More speed, less bureaucracy?
  • Easier to get involved?
  • Who can put in a ‘project’ ?
  • How do Farmers and others take part in the Emissions Reduction Fund?
  • How does ‘Aggregation’ work?
  • New, Carbon smart Fertilisers showcase- how to increase your Soil Carbon

First Auction Results:

The first Emissions Reduction Fund Auction results have been announced:
  • Hear about the successful Soil Carbon Bid.
  • What happened to the 100 years rule?
  • What activities are allowed under the Soil Carbon Method?


  • What if you don’t get a Government contract?
  • What other DOMESTIC markets can you sell into?
  • What OVERSEAS markets can you sell into?

The Future:

  • What might happen in Paris later in the year regarding the next World Wide Agreement?
  • Future Government Policy
  • What does the future hold?

Photo of 2014 Carbon Farming Conference Expo

Carbon Farming or ‘Climate Smart’ farming is farming in a way that reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions and/or captures and holds carbon in vegetation and soils. 

It is managing land, water, plants and animals to meet the ‘Triple Challenge’ of Landscape Restoration, Climate Change and Food Security. It seeks to reduce emissions in its production processes, while increasing production and sequestering Carbon in the landscape.

Carbon Farming can range from a single change in land management, such as introducing no-till cultivation or grazing management, to a whole-of-farm integrated plan which maximises Carbon capture and Emissions Reduction. Today’s Carbon Farmers have many practices to choose from to develop their plan. 

The benefits of Carbon Farming include Carbon sequestration, reduced erosion and soil loss, improved soil structure, increased soil fertility, reduced soil salinity, healthier soils, vegetation and animals, increased biodiversity, buffering against drought, greater water efficiency and reduction of emissions from burning fuel or using electricity. 

Carbon Farmers Of Australia recognized this ‘win/win’ solution for farming and our climate over 10 years ago, and in 2007 mounted Australia’s first Carbon Farming Conference and Expo. 

2015 marks the 8th Annual National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo. Each one more successful than the last, each one providing unprecedented access to public and private companies and information to assist the Land Sector to remain at the forefront of this industry. 

Much business is written and many partnerships forged at the Conference. 

Over this time, Governments and policies have come and gone, but Carbon Farming has survived it all and a Climate Change Policy is now no longer optional for any developed country. 

The world requires a large amount of sequestration and emissions reduction - and Australia’s Land Sector is well placed to provide it. 

Both sides of politics are dedicated to reducing emissions and the targets will only be larger in the future. 

Therefore we mount this 8th conference with great confidence and optimism …… for the benefit of the Australian Land Sector, Rural and Regional Australia , Farmers and climate stability. 

This industry is here to stay.

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