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Sunday, July 15, 2012
As reported in a newsletter not long ago... If you don't like a current methodology, wait two minutes and a new one will turn up! 

See the Department of Climate Change's recent developments for 4, yes 4 new meths on public view. Now, don't forget, 'on public view' does NOT equal 'approved'. In fact, it is relatively easy to get a methodology on to public view. That doesn't mean that it's easy to write one, but if you have the ability to talk 'meth', and fill in the document, you can navigate so that you are able to get on public view quickly. Why is this good? Because it puts a line in the sand if you have a product/process that might either sequester or reduce emissions. 

This is evidenced in the meth done by Groundworks (who ever heard of them before now?) They are simply saying they have a new way to plant the approved tree meth, and voila they are on public view! With their 'Ecoblanket' there for all to look at. Don't forget, you can have your say on any of the meths on public view - if you have the time, patience and speak 'meth'. 

However, I am assured that ALL meths will be put through the considerable rigour of the DOIC process straight after the public viewing, taking all the feedback into consideration. We are about to re-submit our soil carbon methodology, so hopefully we'll get to be on public view soon as well. As soil carbon sequestration still has many sceptics, expect some rigorous feedback when that happens! 

I'll explain a couple of the meths in more detail next newsletter... In the meantime, get used to looking at them and understanding the language.  

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