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Fantastic Introduction to farming and opportunity to get some useful contacts/useful websites. Well done overall

Warragul VIC
February 2012

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In the era of being 'time poor', it’s inconvenient that the Government has put out many new incentives to start a whole new Agricultural Industry called 'Carbon Farming'. This is an area with all new language, all new rules. AND lots of funding rounds! 

Question: - How do you find the time to become well informed about 'carbon farming' and the 'Carbon Farming Initiative', so you can make decisions around engaging? 

Answer: Enrol at the upcoming Webinar right now! We have over 5 years teaching experience in this area, and have been involved since the very inception in carbon farming and the Agricultural Carbon Trade

Webinar Update: 

"Carbon Farming and Trading Under the Direct Action Policy and beyond" 

We'll explore: 

• The upcoming  Direct Action legislation.  Its up to draft legislation, and so we need to get our heads around it. 

• The 'Emissions Reduction Fund'   This is where the $2.5 billion in funding exists.  How and when  will it work? 

• What are the potentials for your business?   Now there are more opportunities - but the price signal is weaker.    However, with the interest in climate change at an all time high, new markets should be opening up, and we need time to get ready!

•Grazing soil carbon methodology -  We have a soil carbon meth, as we have reported - 8 long years in the making, what does it finally look like -  what activities are likely to be available for increasing soil carbon?

• Other Meths -  cropping,  trees, avoided deafforestation etc. 

• The 'carbon farm plan' .   A long held dream of ours to multiply the benefits of carbon farming on any property.  What project to put where? 

• We'll  explore the role of  the Association within this policy - the need for a voice.

• We'll explain the "One Million Tonnes'  campaign.  

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