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Benefit from the Emissions Reduction Fund

Next ERF auction - date announced as 27 April 2016

The Clean Energy Regulator has announced the next and final ERF auction will open on 27 April 2016. The auction will run from 9.00 am AEST on Wednesday, 27 April until 5.00pm AEST on Thursday, 28 April 2016. This announcement provides prospective bidders with eight weeks' notice of the auction date.

Bids must be submitted through AusTender as the online bidding platform. Each auction will be a single-round, pay-as-bid, sealed auction format and bids will be selected solely on the basis of price. If a project is not successful it can be re-bid into a subsequent auction.

CFA can assist you with each step of this process to register your project. 

Contact Louisa on 02 6374 0329 or email Louisa Kiely louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au 

For more information visit the Clean Energy Regulator website.

What is the Emissions Reduction Fund?

The Australian Government acknowledges the science of climate change and supports national and global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Government has committed to reduce Australia’s emissions to five percent below 2000 levels by 2020 and to review our position in 2015 as part of the global negotiations regarding international commitments both pre and post 2020. This target poses a significant challenge. Without positive and direct action by the Government, industry and community, Australia’s national emissions will grow strongly to 2020 as the economy grows.

The ‘Emissions Reduction Fund’ sits at the centre of the ‘Direct Action Plan’ which was launched in 2010. The Direct Action Plan outlines how the Government will meet its five per cent reduction target.

Three principles will guide decisions on the design of the Emissions Reduction Fund:

  • Lowest cost emissions reductions. 
  • Genuine emissions reductions: The Emissions Reduction Fund will purchase emissions reductions that make a real and additional contribution to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. 

  • Streamlined administration: The Emissions Reduction Fund will make it easy for businesses to participate


It is important to understand that the Carbon Farming Initiative REMAINS under this Government. It is to be ‘expanded’ and ‘streamlined’.

The above means that moving forward , the very restrictive way of developing a ‘methodology’ or ‘recipe book’ for farmers to follow to show they can increase soil carbon, account for storage in trees, or reduce emissions from methane and nitrous oxide, will be ‘streamlined’ , making it easier to take part. This may mean things like less onerous requirements AND a 25 year carbon credit – often a sticking point for farmers.

The Soil Carbon methodology for farmers to be rewarded for increasing soil carbon via activities, or using biochar is now reality. CFA is moving forward with the first project under the ERF. 

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