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Training Testimonials

Louisa and Michael should be in the Hall of Fame of Eco-preneurs and Carbon Farming Solutions to Climate Change

Bungendore NSW
February 2010

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About Us

The Principals of Carbon Farmers of Australia have been pioneers in the farm-based offsets industry. Experience counts.

The Principals of Carbon Farmers of Australia  helped establish the farm-based carbon offsets industry:

  • Campaigned since 2005 for farmers’ rights to sell carbon they grow in soils
  • Conducted the first study tour of the USA soil carbon industry in 2006
  • Secured first order for Australian soil carbon from Chicago Climate Exchange 2006
  • Made first sales of Australian soil carbon credits in March 2007
  • Organised the first “Soil Science Summits” between scientists and farmers 2007
  • Staged the world’s first Carbon Farming Conference, Mudgee 2007
  • Launched the first formal training program on soil carbon 2008
  • Wrote and published the first Carbon Farming Handbook 2009
  • Helped secure $26 million in funds for research to soil carbon for trade 2009
  • Appointed to FAO rangelands and conservation farming advocacy groups 2008/9
  • Consulted by both Government and Opposition about farmer take up rates, 2010
  • Granted an Australian Financial Services Licence for Carbon Trading, 2012